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Top 10 Cutest Power Banks

by shawn

If you can’t resist the cutest power banks, here are some choices for you. Quality is the key, and these power banks provide you both quality and style at the same time. When it comes to cute power banks, you will see the uniqueness of designs that might match your preference. The great thing is these cute power banks come in many sizes and colors that you can choose easily. To make it easy for you to get just the best quality and cutest power banks, this review is here to help. Check them out down here, you might find your most favorite one!

1. Dbigness Unicorn Portable Charger

The question is who doesn’t love unicorn? And would you look at that little cutie here. This is the high quality power bank with universal design that can provide safe charging power for most smartphones. You can also use it to charge other devices like MP3, iPod, Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and more. It comes with multi secure design including automatic sleep, overcharge protection, over discharge protection, over current protection, and more.

Dbigness Unicorn Portable Charger

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2. EMIE Kitten Power Bank

Kittens are one of the cutest creatures we know, and this power bank is available right here. With the power of 10000mAh, this portable charger offers multiple charging that you can use for most smartphones and devices. It is reliable and safe which can protect your phones from overheat, over current, and over voltage while charging. The cutest part is the different lights on the cat ears that display different battery status that you can easily notice.

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3. JS Milk Bottle Power Bank

Here is the portable charger with Baymax logo on it to add extra cuteness as you charge. The power bank features 10000mAh of charging capacity that you can extend your battery life for the whole day. It also has dual USB ports that can handle 2 charging at the same time for fast and convenient charging experience. The power bank comes with distinctive and adorable design along with 2 colors available including blue and pink for you.

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4. eShopMind Totoro Cute Portable Charger

We all know this little Totoro cartoon animator, and if you want a power bank of him, here it is. The power bank has universal features that fits iPhone, iPod, Samsung, and other tablets & devices. It has LED indication that display battery status when you need to check it. The capacity of the power bank is 8000mAh which can provide multiple charging for your devices. There are 5 color choices including pink, black, blue, gray, and purple.

eShopMind Totoro Cute Portable Charger

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5. Reacher Mini Portable Charger

Here is the portable charger that fits in the pocket for easy portability and storage. It features high quality matte material to protect the power bank from scratched, abrasion, and sliding from your hand. This portable charger is easy and safe to use as it protect the devices from overcharge, overheat, and more. It comes with quirky biscuit shape which is cute and cool to have. And it is available in 2 flavor colors including cream and chocolate.

Reacher Mini Portable Charger

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6. Jack Chloe Emoji Stuff Pizza Portable Charger

Are you a pizza lover and craving for a pizza portable charger? Well, look at what we have here. What is better than having an adorable power bank that brings fun and battery life to your devices at once? This power bank offers great power supply withs high charging capacity to keep your phones or tablets alive. It features 2600mAh which you can use to charge your phones multiple times easily. This power bank is adorable, portable, and absolutely great to use.

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7. Cdsmaan Starbucks Power Bank

Do we have Starbucks lovers here? This is a glass of eternity Starbucks drink that you can use to charge your phones wherever you go. It is the high quality portable charger that you can always bring along with to places easily and stylishly. The power bank is available is 3 colors that you can choose such as green, pink, and yellow. Having this power bank is like showing how much you love coffee, so feel free to get one.

Cdsmaan Starbucks Power Bank

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8. AMICOO Piggy Portable Charger

You know piggy bank helps you save your money, but this piggy power bank helps giving extra battery life. It has the large capacity of 10000mAh that can bring an empty battery phone back to life in no time. This piggy portable charger has indicator light that lets you know the remaining capacity via different color displays. It comes with quality, and there are 4 colors that you can choose: pink, white, blue, and black.

AMICOO Piggy Portable Charger

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9. Vinsic Cartoon Whale Power Bank

Here is the lovely and portable whale power bank that provides long life battery for your phones. It has 10050mAh of capacity that you can charge your phone up to 3-4 times. The power bank has high quality to ensure efficient charging for itself and other devices. The best thing is you can just shake the whale lightly to see the remaining battery. And if you see the blush on the whale, that means you can charge up your phones.

Vinsic Cartoon Whale Power Bank

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10. Pokemon GO Power Bank

I save the best for last, because this power bank right here will be your most favorite power supply. It comes with the high capacity of 10000mAh that allows you to charge your phone more than 3 times. The power bank is compatible with all smartphones including Apple, Samsung, Nexus, HTC, tablets, and many more. You can turn on the LED lights of the ball by double clicking on the button to the left. The power bank is also portable since it has a strap that you can clip to the keychain for easy portability.

Pokemon GO Power Bank

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